2016 Audi A4 Avant Quattro S-Line

75,000 Kilometres per year in the new 2016 A4 Avant, Heaven or Hell? Only time will tell. Motoring journalists only get a small flavor of what a car is like to drive, even long term tests only last a few months with the car regularly changing hands between writers. This Blog should give a real account of what it is like to own and drive the new 2016 Audi A4 Quattro, with regular updates, any ups, downs, mishaps or magic moments shared. I drive approximately 75,000 kilometres per annum on very diverse roads, only 20% is motorway (highway) driving. For the most part, it is some of Western Europe’s worst or best roads depending on your outlook or the car you drive, Google image “Healy Pass” and you’ll see what I mean.

First of all the cars vital stats:

  • Audi A4 Avant
  • 2.0 TDI
  • S-Tronic
  • 190bhp
  • S Line
  • Quatrro permanent 4 wheel drive
  • Daytona Grey Pearl

My Audi dealership (No pay, no plug) is as it should be, plush, friendly, excellent customer care, Wi-Fi, Barista coffee, a waiting area with nuggets of rocky road and a copy of the daily newspaper.  Waiting here is relaxing and well catered for all who frequent but my feet are itching and my hands aren’t on the rocky road cake, I’m waiting on a cold damp January evening to get hold of my new A4 Avant. “Get the plates on and let me at it”!

A4 day1

It’s so easy to go nuts on the options list with this new A4, it’s packed with so much technology and driver aids, all of which will see the costs head past A7 territory if you aren’t willing to make some hard decisions. My hard decisions still cost a whopping €10,000 on top of the spec you see above, with the car weighing in at a hefty €65,000 but cars are expensive here anyway, the base line A4 TDI still costs €35,000.

Finally on the road at 5:45 pm, it’s dark at this stage and the first thing I notice is how bright the optional LED lights are. I only went half way with the lights option, ticking only the box for LED front and rear lights with “Dynamic rear indicators (turn signals). The matrix LED’s are another expensive option that would have meant losing another option. Xenon’s are standard but the LED daytime running lights with the LED package part slow moving motorway traffic almost as well as blue flashing lights. At night though, these LED headlights are incredible. The only down side is the bounce back reflection from large motorway signs, the blue signs glow from 100’s of meters away (yes first world problems).

First job is the rugby run with the kids , not the best idea in January with a brand new car with Alcantara trim but my friendly Audi sales man provided me with some Castrol plastic seat covers used by the service technicians. I nearly had bloody heart failure when they arrived back covered in mud from head to toe, even inside the palms of their hands. Inside door handles now caked in mud. The 1 hour wait has allowed me time to play with the many gadgets at my finger tips and there are soooo many.

More on this in the next post………………….






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